Captain Luci "Black" Swan

Captain of the _Fortune Hunter._ Beautiful but deadly -- especially when she's hung over.


Luci Swan is Captain of the good ship Fortune Hunter. Black-haired and slightly stocky, she is nevertheless strikingly attractive. Her innate fashion sense enhances the effect even further.

She wears a black swallowtail coat that was clearly once part of a uniform, but it’s been repaired and patched with multiple colors and patterns since then, and even has bits of fur trim sewn on. Nevertheless, the effect somehow comes across as elegant, in a strangely barbaric way.

How she came by the jacket is a mystery — she refuses to discuss her origins or background. But her skill set, plus her relative youth, indicates that she must have been an officer in somebody’s air navy. Then again, her penchant for wild and raucous partying, with lots of booze, noise and property damage, suggests that any air navy she might have joined didn’t keep her on the payroll for very long.

Captain Luci "Black" Swan

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