Randolph Ash

NeoBedouin storyteller, NeoVictorian toff, or pirate faceman? Not even his hairdresser knows for sure!

Name: Randolph Ash Player: Territan
Culture: Neobedouin Race: Human
Background: Showman Class: (insert obvious joke here)
Gender: Male Age: 22
Hair: Black, long, tied back Eyes: Icy Grey
Airship: the Fortune Hunter Schtick: Casino/Show Bar
Captain: Capt. “Black” Swann


STR: 1 PRE: 3
DEX: 1 WIT: 2
FOR: 2 RES: 2

Fate Pool: 8

Derived Attributes

Initiative: 3
Movement: 6

  • Sneak: 3
  • Run: 18
  • Swim: 6
  • Leap Horizontal: 1
  • Jump Vertical: 0.5


7 Act (PRE+4)
7 Charm (PRE+4)
4 Craft: Mixology (WIT+2)
5 Culture: Neovictorian Upper Class (WIT+2)
5 Empathy (PRE+2)
3 Etiquette (WIT+2)
5 Fashion (PRE+2)
4 Firearms (DEX+3)
5 Fisticuffs (DEX+2)
4 Instrument: Guitar (DEX+1)
2 Instrument: Violin (DEX+1)
4 Leadership (PRE+1)
5 Performance: Mixology (PRE+2)
6 Performance: Singing (PRE+3)
3 Sky Lore (WIT+1)
6 Streetwise (PRE+3)
3 Swordplay (DEX+2)
2 Tactice (WIT+1)


  • Party Animal
  • Lecherous

Talents and Racial Abilities:

  • Angel Face

A modestly strapping young lad in his early 20s. Often he wears a matching multicolored bandana and vest over a ruddy longshirt, showy baggy pants with a wide silk sash for a belt, and pointed shoes. He looks the role of the classical gypsy, especially when he’s playing his guitar or violin. Sometimes, though, he puts on a plain white shirt, black jacket and slacks, shoes, and a hat, and when combined with his icy grey eyes, long black hair, and a dirty scowl, you can practically feel the Neovictorian disapproval rolling off of him in waves. He doesn’t talk much about his background, although he claims the Ash tribal name, and there is an Ash clan that travels freely between frontier towns engaging in what looks like perfectly ordinary and innocuous trade.

When in his Neobedouin guise, he is happy-go-lucky, and acts to increase the happiness of those around him, whether singing, playing guitar (he favors the Gypsy Jazz style; look to Django Reinhardt for examples), playing violin (an instrument he’s still picking up, but prefers to play in the same “good-times” style), or serving drinks. Often he comes back from an evening on the docks boasting of the most outrageous tales of debauchery which he’s induced in other people, prompting some to call him a mobile Festivity Level 3 zone with a 40% chance of Festivity Level 4. He usually comes back from these only slightly tipsy, pacing himself so he’s in good shape to continue serving drinks the next day. Occasionally, though, he does suffer “festivity splashback.”

His prized possessions are:

  • Sword
  • Armored Long-coat (Neovictorian style)
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Porto-Bar (Excellent style; takes two possession-slots)

Randolph Ash

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