Valentina Soixante-Neuf

Last survivor of the "String of Pearls" massacre.


An exceptionally well-crafted doll, Valentina’s brass fittings are decorated with elaborate scrollwork, while her interior design incorporates numerous jewel bearings. Since escaping from the city of Desolation, she has fallen on harder times, to the point where her mechanisms no longer runs smoothly. The same could be said of her life.

Most recently, she has seen everyone she knew slaughtered or left to be eaten by wild beasts. Patched together on board the Fortune Hunter, she finds she’ll be expected to work. At what, it’s unclear; the only job she’s really good at is one she’s soured on completely. For now, she’s sewing patches on sails and repairing clothes. But the crew is all too aware of what she was designed for…

Valentina Soixante-Neuf

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