Abney Park

In the real world, Abney Park is a band that came out of Seattle. Originally, their sound was fairly industrial/goth; though they initially accepted this label, they began to find it musically restrictive. Reinventing themselves as a Steampunk band, they now play a variety of musical styles, and clearly have a lot of fun with it.

In the novel The Wrath of Fate (authored by band leader “Captain” Robert Brown) and in the Airship Pirates RPG, Abney Park is a Seattle-based industrial/goth band who has a time-traveling airship — the Ophelia — more or less fall into their laps. They promptly decide to try to make the world a better place by “cleaning up” history — stop a war here, depose a despot there — and only realize how FUBAR’d history is getting when it’s too late to change it back. Now they’re stuck with the timeline they created, trying to get by as best they can in their new roles as airship pirates. For more information, check out this video of their song “Post Apocalypse Punk.”

In this particular campaign, Abney Park is a band that operates out of the (rumor has it) cursed ship Ophelia, second to bear that name (and the curse that goes with it). Even its Captain has taken the name of the legendary Captain Robert, whose exploits are still remembered a hundred years later.

Not that the band or the ship will play a huge role in the campaign; they’re mostly just backdrop. But as a squeeing Abney Park fanboy, I felt the need to find a part for them somewhere.

Abney Park

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